Limo / Car Hire / Chauffeur

For all your transport, car hire and chauffeur requirements, Call Eco Bonheur !!! Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or even a simple airport transfer, why not indulge in some car hire or special luxuries vehicles or just hire a driver? To make these occasions memorable, Eco Bonheur offers a range of vehicle sizes to suit a variety of budgets and space requirements in Mauritius. Whether you are looking for economy cars, prestige models, hybrid/electric, SUVs, and limousines, you have come to the right place. Check Coquille Bonheur website and

Vehicle Services

Most families own one or more vehicles nowadays and businesses a fleet to operate. A vehicle ensures ease of movement and easy transportation of large materials. In a period of Covid-19, vehicles, in general, are prone to various human contacts and are at risk of contracting the virus. In any case, a vehicle needs regular and thorough cleaning up. Eco Bonheur not only cares for the external and the internal needs of your vehicle, but we also provide disinfecting and sanitising of the interior of your vehicles. Our services are open to all vehicle types and sizes. Arrange necessary vehicle maintenance, oil changes, fitness, road tax, update registration, pay taxes, etc.