At Eco Bonheur, we are all enthusiastic and dedicated eco-friendly, thoroughly committed to sustainability. We believe in developing equity, benefits-sharing, and promoting community participation, making the locals benefit from the business. We are also working on a variety of eco-minded programs that aim to educate our customers about the environmental situation and spread awareness. Coquille Bonheur, the Holding Company has gone a long way into its sustainability commitments. You could follow a few initiatives on the Coquille Bonheur website by clicking on : 


Eco Bonheur has a few own products which are entirely green and harmless. Chemical exposure is not worth the risk for our customers and staff. Confirming its own engagement to protect and respect the environment, we use principally Filmop International products through their local concessionaire. Filmop is strongly engaged oriented towards a policy of sustainable development, by using recycled raw materials and low environmental impact products. Filmop is certified by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR). Furthermore, Filmop has obtained the prestigious Ecolabel UE certification for its RAPIDO SUPER microfiber mops, dustpans, brooms, scrapers, use of alkaline detergents and a complete range of other cleaning equipment and products.

There is one cleaning company in Mauritius that respect nature and protect the environment, and it is EB. Partnering with EB gives you the guarantee of a service that goes beyond expectations in a sustainable way. We do care about the wellbeing, health of people, society, and the environment at its best. Our responsible approach to hygiene and cleaning is what makes EB unique. We will continue to encourage sustainability by staying away from plastics, stick to reusable alternatives, avoid chemicals and toxins, and keep looking for organic solutions.